About Us

Who are we?

We are Han Culture Centre Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 

Established in 2009, Han Culture Centre Malaysia (HAN) aims to promotes Chinese language learning amongst Malaysians besides serving as a platform for cultural exchange within the country.

HAN encourages inter-cultural interactions and Chinese learning as well as giving a chance to whom wish to learn Chinese Language from the very beginning and have successfully started up Mandarin classes amongst civil servants.

Living in a multi-cultural and religious country, HAN puts all efforts to shine the Chinese culture, at the same time, hoping for interactions between all ethnics, towards a social harmony for development.

What does HAN do?

In 2013, after getting in touch with the Chinese Ministry of Education, HAN has successfully brought in the HKC and PSC test. In the same year, HAN has signed a memorandum with ITBM, an organisation under the Malaysian Ministry of Education, to establish a centre for HKC in Malaysia, in order to promote and enhance Chinese language learning amongst the citizens.

Besides, HAN is authorised by Distance Education Centre from China Confucius Institute as “Chinese Testing Service Centre Malaysia” to provide internet and paper based test, also given the rights to appoint examination halls in qualified institutes. HAN is also the only centre which provide HSK-Internet Based Test (HSK-IBT) within Malaysia.

The framework of HSK-IBT is established in 2010, inviting experts from various fields, including but not limited to Chinese language, educational psychology, educational measurement and evaluation.

The advantages of HSK-IBT includes extending exam registration dateline until 10 days before the test, providing lively images and easy-answering modes to reduce candidates’ anxiety, reducing resource wastage, conducting test simultaneously amongst all grades, and linking up with international test of language proficiency.

Our vision

Establishment & Award

Founded in 2009, pioneer in Malaysia using Bahasa Melayu as teaching language.

Years of experience on Government sectors, success graduated government officers around 500 peoples.

Examination & Qualification